Mining and Industrial Projects

Stacking Equipment Relocation

2021 a 2022
Antofagasta Region, Chile

Project that considers the relocation of three main equipment (Tripper, Belt and Spreader) 2300 mts away from its current location. Our service includes the participation of Electricity, Systems Control & Instrumentation disciplines for temporary energization of stacking equipment for relocation to the new mine open-pit.


Multidisciplinary Engineering for Operations – Codelco DGM

2020 a 2022
Atacama Region, Chile

Master Agreement with Codelco Gabriela Mistral Division for the development of multidisciplinary minor engineering for the Operation, field survey and inspections in Maestranzas.

Santo Domingo Capstone Port Project

Valparaíso Region, Chile

Electrical and Instrumentation and Control Engineering, for new port facilities for unloading, storage and distribution of Magnetite and Copper Concentrate, in three port areas: Dock (Ship Loader), Port Infrastructure (On-Site) and Outside Infrastructure (Off-Site).

Execution Engineering and Construction Support – Andes Norte NNM Codelco VP

2017 a 2020
O´Higgins Region, Chile

Basic and detail engineering, mining design and field engineering services for development of the Andes Norte project – New Level Codelco Mine VP. In addition, the service included project support in management activities such as project control, contracts and procurement, logistics, occupational health and safety and field operational management.