Operating in a sustainable manner is our fundamental corporate commitment at Dessau, always striving to act responsibly in favor of future generations, generating economic, social and environmental value.

Among our guiding principles, the following stand out:

  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment through design and engineering,
    aiming at the rational and sustainable use of resources to promote their sustainability, reducing the volume of waste materials produced and the amount of water used.
  • Promote energy efficiency and effectiveness in our processes and designs,
    providing value to our clients by reducing energy consumption and related environmental impacts, as well as encouraging the use of clean and renewable energies, and favoring the use of equitable consumer goods.
  • Incorporate environmental concerns into the company’s consumption policy,
    tending to favor the acquisition of equitable consumer goods and identifying those that also allow related impacts on production sources to be reduced.
  • Raise personnel awareness,
    on the importance of protecting and promoting environmental care.
  • Incorporate occupational health and safety as a central and priority axis from the design stage,
    complying with the highest international standards, in addition to workshops with all stakeholders that include, from the early stages, the concepts of strategic and operational risks, constructability, maintainability, operability and value engineering.

Social Contribution

We believe that our company’s success must contribute to improving the quality of life and prosperity of the communities where we are present. Committed to actively participating in the development of this principle, through our parent company Sigdo Koppers Ingeniería y Construcción, we adhere to the causes of various organizations and encourage our collaborators to take part in them and participate in community, educational, cultural and other projects.

To improve people’s quality of life, our innovative engineering experts provide solutions that combine critical infrastructure and sustainable development needs, giving rural and urban communities the possibility of having electricity, an essential commodity for the lives of Chileans and for the development of the country, in their homes, production centers, public utilities and in different parts of the country.