Transmission Lines

Changos – Kimal Transmission System 2×500 kV

2017 a 2018
Antofagasta region, Chile

Project that consisted of a 200 km 2×500 kV transmission line, the 500 kV Kimal Substation, the expansion of the 500 kV Los Changos Substation, the autotransformer yard and its control and communications systems.

Basic and Detail Engineering, electrical system studies and supervision of structural and equipment load tests were developed.

líneas transmisión changos

Mejillones – Cardones Transmission System 500 kV (SIC – SING Interconnection)

2012 – 2013 / 2015 – 2017
Antofagasta and Atacama region, Chile

Dessau developed the basic engineering for the transmission line and substations that make up the Mussels – Cardones transmission system. The consulting services included the study and definition of the line’s layouts and basic components, basic design of line structures and foundations, soil mechanics, resistivity, and access roads; structures distribution, crossings study and design drawings, Electrical System studies (electrical, series compensation and electromagnetic transients) and insulation coordination, determination of components, SS/AA, protections and grounding meshes; Calculation memories and drawings of Structures, equipment layout, unilinear, channeling, base and aerial PAT mesh; technical specifications; and CAPEX and construction schedule.

Nogales – Polpaico transmission line 500 kV

2009 a 2010
Metropolitana y Valparaíso region, Chile

Dessau provided Transelec with basic and detailed engineering services for the 80-km Nogales – Polpaico line, which interconnected the new Nogales substation with the existing Polpaico substation. The service included the definition of line layout alternatives, environmental studies, final layout adjustment, development of topographic studies, respective soil mechanics and soil resistivity studies; design of two families of structures to be used in the line layout and the corresponding foundations; basic design of the transmission line; preparation of bidding documents, technical assistance in the evaluation of bids and construction methods, and quality control and commissioning program; detailed engineering for the transmission line; and review of manufacturers’ technical background and in-factory inspection of structural test assemblies.

Caserones Project Transmission System

2008 a 2010
Atacama region, Chile

Dessau provided the basic and detailed engineering for developing the electricity transmission system between the Maitencillo Substation and the Caserones Substation at 220 kV, through an approximately 200km-long mountain range power line.

Electrical interconnection system for Central American countries (SIEPAC)

2006 a 2009
Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá

Dessau was in charge of supervising the entire construction of the 1 830 km transmission line that crosses six Central American countries, the access bays of the EB2 110/3.45 kV substation, the substations affected by the project and reactive compensation. In this project, Detail Engineering, supervision of the construction works of the transmission line and substations, documents for bidding for construction and in-factory inspection of conductors, equipment, structures and accessories were developed.